1. Start here

    You're reading a short article in Nesta, a rather simple CMS. I've created these pages so that you can learn the basics of Nesta by playing around with some examples. You'll find the content of all the pages on this site in the nesta-demo-content repository on GitHub.

    To get started with the demo:

    • Have a look at the files inside the content-demo folder (from which this site has been created), and use them to explore what Nesta can do.
    • Save your own content in a separate folder (which is called content by default), and then tell Nesta to use it by changing the content: setting in config/config.yml.
    • If you're running the site locally with mr-sparkle you'll be able to switch between this demo and your own site by updating config/config.yml and reloading the page in your browser. There's no need to restart Nesta between edits.

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  2. Anatomy of an article

    This is an article about how to make an "article" (as distinct from a "page"). This article has been summarised with this short paragraph; if you click the "Show me more" link you'll be able to read the entire article. But wait! Before you move on, you should be able to see (if your current theme supports it) that this article was published on 25 December, and was added to a couple of categories.

    Have a look at the top of anatomy-of-an-article.mdown to see how it's done…

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